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Online Banking

Personal Savings Accounts

FNCB Bank offers a variety of personal savings accounts to residents of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey to help you easily reach your financial goals. Tailored to meet your personal savings objectives, we provide personal savings accounts with competitive interest rates. We’re ready to make your personal savings account experience simply better. Apply now at one of our 16 locations across Northeastern Pennsylvania, or apply online for our Simply Statement Savings account.


Personal Savings Accounts in PA, NY, & NJ

Use the chart below to compare the different personal savings accounts offered by FNCB Bank side by side. This will help you decide which one is the best fit for you:

Type of Account

Minimum to Open

Monthly Service Fees


Why Choose This Account

Compare Personal Savings Accounts

Wow Saver


$5 if balance falls below $300 any day of the month.

Yes, tiered rate

Earn 0.20% APY* on balances up to $25,000 when qualifications are met.

Simply Statement Savings



$5 if balance falls below $300 any day of the month.

Tiered savings account with a premium interest rate that grows with your balance.

Tiered savings account with a premium interest rate that grows with your balance.

Youth Statement Savings (Under 21)



Compounded monthly. Minimum collected balance of $0.01 each day to earn interest. 

Teach your child to save.

Anytime Savers Club


$5 if total deposit amount per month is less than $20. $15 fee for any withdrawal over one per calendar year.

Compounded monthly. Minimum collected balance of $0.01 each day to earn interest.

Better than a traditional Holiday or Vacation Club. It can be opened anytime!

What do I need to open a Personal Savings Account at FNCB Bank?

FNCB Bank is happy to show you how to open a savings account in Pennsylvania:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • To be a resident of Pennsylvania, New York, or New Jersey
  • Your Social Security Number / Individual Taxpayer Identification Number;
  • Valid Government Issued Identification (Driver's License, State ID, or Passport);
  • If another person will be joint on your accounts, they must enter and validate their personal information;
  • If funding your new accounts by electronic transfer from another financial institution, you’ll need their routing number and your account number;
  • You’ll need the card number, expiration date, and CVV code if funding with a debit or credit card.


Wow Saver

Link your Wow Maximum Earnings (Wow ME) Checking account to a Wow Saver account and watch your balance grow; no budgeting is required. Your Wow ME Checking rewards or Wow Cashback rewards transfer directly to your Wow Saver account!

But it's not just automatic rewards that accelerate the way you save. Top your savings off with high Wow Saver rates and make even more of your money!

Wow Saver Includes:

  • Free, high-interest savings account that builds savings automatically
  • Automatic transfers of Wow ME Checking rewards
  • 0.20% APY* on balances up to $25,000
  • 0.20% - 0.08% APY* on a portion of balances over $25,000
  • 0.01% APY* on all balances if qualifications are not met on Wow ME Checking or Wow Cashback Checking accounts
  • No minimum balance to earn interest
  • Free online banking
  • Free mobile banking
  • Free telephone banking
  • Send money with Zelle®

It's easy to earn our highest rate!

Qualifying for our Wow ME Checking automatically qualifies you for the highest Wow Saver rate. 

That’s it! Plus, it's no problem if you miss a qualification cycle. Your account still earns our base interest rate. You can get back to earning your full rewards the very next month you qualify. 


Wow Maximum Earnings Checking with Wow Saver

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield is accurate as of 12/19/2022. Rates are variable and may change after account is opened. Minimum to open is $25 for Wow Maximum Earnings (Wow ME) Checking and $25 for Wow Saver. Wow ME Checking rewards will be paid each month in which a customer has: (1.) a minimum of 15 debit card purchases of $5.00 or more post and settle, (2.) monthly account statement delivered electronically through Online Banking in place of paper statements and (3.) at least one Direct Deposit. For Wow ME Checking, if qualifications are met each monthly qualification cycle: (1) balances up to $5,000 receive an APY of 4.00%; and (2) balances over $5,000 earn 0.25% interest rate on the portion of the balance over $5,000, resulting in a range from 4.00% to 0.41% APY, depending on the balance. This range assumes a $5,000.01 - $110,000 account balance, although higher balances are accepted. If qualifications are not met in the account, all balances earn 0.01 % APY. Qualifying transactions must post to and settle to the Wow ME Checking account during monthly qualification cycle. Transactions may take one or more business days from the date transaction was made to post to and settle account. ATM processed transactions do not count towards qualifying debit card transactions. Transfers between accounts do not count as qualifying transactions. "Monthly Qualification Cycle" begins on the first day of the Statement Cycle and ends on the last day of the Statement Cycle. The advertised Wow ME Checking APY is based on compounding interest.

If the Wow ME Checking account is linked to a Wow Saver account, interest earned in Wow ME Checking account is automatically transferred to Wow Saver each statement cycle and does not compound. Actual interest amount paid may be less than advertised Wow ME Checking APY. The Wow Saver APYs may be less than Wow ME Checking APYs. If qualifications in Wow ME Checking are met each monthly qualification cycle: (1) balances up to $25,000 in Wow Saver receive an APY of 0.20%; and (2) balances over $25,000 in Wow Saver earn 0.05% interest rate on portion of balance over $25,000, resulting in a range from 0.20% - 0.08% APY, depending on the balance. This range assumes a $25,000.01 - $110,000 account balance, although higher balances are accepted. If qualifications are not met on Wow ME Checking account, all balances in Wow Saver earn 0.01% APY. Wow Saver is only offered with a Wow checking product. Limit one account per Social Security Number.

Simply Statement Savings

With the Simply Statement Savings Account, you benefit from a tiered variable interest schedule. The higher your savings balance, in this tiered savings account, the more interest you can potentially earn. Apply for this personal checking account online or in person now.

  • Tiered Variable Interest Rate.
  • Account earns interest with a balance of $300.00 and over.
  • Easy access through an ATM.
  • Send money with Zelle®
  • Combined statements are available.
  • Monthly statement delivered electronically via FNCB Online


Youth Savings Account

Teach your children the value of saving at an early age by helping them open a Youth Statement Savings Account. These interest-bearing savings accounts for children and youth can be opened by anyone who is 21 years old or younger.

  • $10 minimum to open the account
  • Account earns interest with a balance of $0.01
  • Available to individuals 21 years of age and younger
  • Simply Smart Report Card Rewards

Anytime Savers Club

Save for your holiday purchases, vacation, or ANYTHING in advance with an Anytime Savers Club. With an Anytime Savers Club, you have the freedom to use funds when it's convenient for you!  

    • Simply deposit $20 or more monthly
    • No monthly fee.
    • Save easily by auto-drafting from an existing or new deposit account.
    • Make one fee-free withdrawal anytime during the calendar year. 
    • Interest is compounded monthly.


Personal Savings Account FAQ

What is a savings account?

A savings account is a bank account for safely storing excess funds. As an FNCB Bank customer, your savings earn compounding interest just by being in your account. Ask us about our rates!

What’s the benefit of having my checking and savings account at the same bank?

Having both your checking and savings accounts at the same bank offers streamlined financial management and convenience. You can easily transfer funds between accounts, often instantly, and view all your financial activities through a single online dashboard or mobile app. This unified approach can also yield financial benefits, such as lower fees, better interest rates, and overdraft protection options. Consolidating your accounts at one bank simplifies your financial life and can offer tangible benefits.

What are the benefits of opening up a savings account?

Opening a savings account provides various financial benefits, including a safety net for emergencies and a structured way to save for specific goals. These accounts typically earn interest, contributing to financial growth, and are often insured for added security. A savings account can also be linked to a checking account for overdraft protection, automatically covering shortfalls and avoiding overdraft fees. Overall, a savings account is an essential tool for achieving financial stability and discipline.

How much is it to open a savings account?

At FNCB Bank, opening a personal savings account is free. However, minimum balance requirements apply to open the account and avoid low monthly fees. View our chart comparing our accounts above for more details on minimum balance requirements.

Our Mission: To make your banking experience simply better.

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