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Online Banking

Small Business Loans & Lines of Credit

At FNCB Bank, we understand the unique financial needs of small businesses across the United States. We offer various business loan options tailored to help your business thrive, whether you're looking to purchase inventory, secure your brick-and-mortar, refinance debt, or finance account receivables. When it comes to business loans, we offer various options for mortgage loans, equipment leasing, construction loans, business lines of credit, SBA loans, and other various financial solutions for your company. Get the money your business needs with FNCB Bank - your partner in growth and success.


Business Loans & Lines of Credit 

Small business owners face a unique set of challenges. From managing the high cost of living and operating expenses, navigating complex state regulations, to competing in densely populated markets, the path to success can often seem daunting. However, a business loan from FNCB Bank can be the key to overcoming these hurdles.

Our diverse range of loan options is designed to meet your specific needs, whether for expanding your operations, investing in new equipment, or managing cash flow during lean periods. We understand that every small business is unique, and we're committed to providing personalized solutions that help you achieve your goals. With FNCB Bank, you're not just getting a lender - you're gaining a partner invested in your success. We're here to provide the financial support you need to thrive in the competitive contemporary business landscape.


Small Business Loans & Leasing Comparison Chart

Use the chart below to compare the different business loans and leases offered by FNCB side by side. This will help you decide which one is the best fit for you:

Type of Account




Payment Terms

Compare Accounts

Term Loan

Various business purposes

12 to 84 months

Secured or unsecured

Principal and interest monthly

Line of Credit

Working capital


Secured or unsecured

Interest monthly, principal on demand

Mortgage Loan

Commercial real estate acquisition/improvement; debt refinance

Up to 20 years

Commercial real estate

Principal and interest monthly

Construction Loan

Commercial real estate construction

Mini-permanent or permanent financing

Commercial real estate

Interest only monthly (during construction) / principal and interest monthly

SBA Loans

Most business purposes





Up to 72 months

Secured by the equipment

Monthly, annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and seasonal skips

Letter of Credit

Performance/payment assurance

Specific maturity

Secured or unsecured

Interest monthly, the principal on demand (if drawn upon)

Municipal Financing & Equipment Leasing

Real estate acquisition/improvement, tax anticipation financing, other general purposes, and equipment purchases.

Varies based on the type of financing

Generally secured by the full faith, credit, and taxing authority of the public entity

Varies based on the type of financing

Business Term Loans

Our Business Term Loans at FNCB Bank offer a comprehensive financial solution designed to meet your specific business needs. These loans provide a predetermined amount of capital that can be utilized for various purposes, including purchasing, acquiring fixed assets, bolstering permanent working capital, refinancing existing debt, or funding other business-related expenses.

  • Flexible Funding:  Borrow a set amount of money to meet your specific financing needs, with loan proceeds that can be used for various business purposes.
  • Flexible Terms:  Choose a term length that suits your business, with loan terms generally ranging from 12 to 120 months.
  • Fixed or Variable Rates: Opt for a fixed rate for predictable repayments throughout the life of the loan or a variable rate to benefit from market fluctuations.
  • Secured or Unsecured Options:  Loans can be secured with the assets being purchased or other assets owned by the borrower or unsecured, depending on your business's financial standing.

With our Business Term Loans, you gain a robust, flexible, and efficient financing solution tailored to your business's unique needs. Whether you want to expand, invest in new equipment, or manage cash flow, our Business Term Loans offer the financial support you need to achieve your business goals.


Business Line of Credit (BLoC)

With a small business line of credit, you can easily tap into pre-approved funds when you need them without waiting for bank approval. These funds can be used for various business purposes, from meeting short-term working capital needs to purchase inventory, or supporting accounts receivable.

  • Purpose:  This line of credit provides revolving, short-term financing that can be used to meet your working capital needs, ensuring your business operations run smoothly.
  • Security:  Depending on your business's financial standing, this line of credit can be secured, using business assets as collateral, or unsecured.
  • Renewal:  The line of credit features periodic renewal, allowing you to maintain access to funds as your business needs evolve, subject to annual review.
  • Interest Payments:  Interest is payable monthly, helping you manage your cash flow effectively. These payments are interest-only, keeping your monthly obligations low.

Our Business Line of Credit provides a flexible and efficient solution for businesses needing access to funds on an ongoing basis. Whether you're managing day-to-day expenses or navigating unexpected costs, our Business Line of Credit is designed to support your business's financial health.


Commercial Mortgages

With a commercial business mortgage, you can purchase, expand, improve, or refinance commercial real estate.

  • Purchase & Grow:  Our loans can be used for purchasing, expanding, enhancing, or refinancing owner-occupied and non-owner-occupied commercial real estate.
  • Improve or Consolidate Debt:  Loan proceeds can be utilized to acquire or improve commercial real estate or to consolidate existing debt.
  • Flexible Loan Terms:  We offer flexible loan terms extending up to 20 years.
  • Pick the Model that Fits Your Business:  Choose between fixed-rate or variable-rate loans to suit your business's financial model.
  • Expect Your Payments:  Monthly payments that include principal and interest streamline your repayment process.

With FNCB Bank's commercial business mortgages for business owners, you can confidently navigate your property needs, backed by our commitment to flexibility, security, and customer-focused solutions.


Commercial Construction Loans

These loans can help finance the construction of new buildings, improvements to existing buildings, and land acquisition.

  • Construction only, mini-permanent or permanent construction financing available.
  • Build or Improve:  Loan proceeds can be used to acquire land and construct a new structure or significant improvements to an existing structure.
  • Flexible Financing:  Permanent financing is available for up to 20 years.
  • Interest Rate Options:  Fixed rate or variable rate loans.
  • Only Pay Interest While You Build:  Interest-only payments during construction, followed by regular monthly principal payments and interest after that.

FNCB Bank’s Commercial Construction Loans are designed to support your construction projects, whether building anew, improving existing structures, or acquiring land. With flexible financing options, short-term or long-term loans, and interest-only payments during construction, we're committed to providing solutions that fit your business's unique needs and help you realize your construction goals efficiently. 


SBA Loans

As an approved Small Business Association (SBA) loan lender, FNCB Bank is proud to offer SBA Loans to support the growth and development of small businesses across the country. 

  • Have Support:  SBA Loans can be used to start or expand your business with the backing of the Small Business Administration.
  • Accessible Funding:  The SBA sets guidelines for these loans, making it easier for small businesses to secure the funding they need.
  • Loan Amounts to Fit Your Needs:  SBA Loans can range from small to large, from $500 to $5.5 million, and can be used for various business purposes, including long-term fixed assets and operating capital.
  • Secure & Affordable:  Some SBA Loans guarantee portions of the total amount, cap interest rates, and limit fees, providing a secure and affordable financing option.
  • Long-term, fixed-rate financing to purchase or repair real estate, equipment, machinery, or other assets.
  • Competitive Rates:  SBA Loans come with competitive terms, with rates and fees comparable to non-guaranteed loans.
  • Little-to-No Upfront Costs:  They offer unique benefits such as lower down payments, flexible overhead requirements, and no collateral needed for some loans.
  • Continued Support:  SBA Loans also provide counseling and education, offering continued support to help you start and run your business.
  • Eligibility:  Eligibility for SBA Loans is based on what a business does to receive its income, the character of its ownership, and where the business operates. Even businesses with bad credit may qualify for startup funding.

With FNCB Bank's SBA Loans, you can confidently fund your business, knowing you're backed by our commitment to supporting small businesses and the assurance of the Small Business Administration.


Letter of Credit

A letter of credit is an assurance that your company has the financial resources to perform as agreed under the contract.

  • A standby letter of credit is used to assure payment to a beneficiary in the event the borrower fails to pay or perform.
  • Secured or unsecured
  • Specific maturity, generally one year.
  • Interest payments monthly if drawn upon; principal will be payable on demand.


Municipal Financing & Leasing

Public entities, municipalities, authorities, 501c3s, and school districts often need financing for a wide range of different purposes.

  • Financing is available for various purposes, including real estate acquisition, equipment purchases, improvement, tax anticipation financing, and other general purposes.
  • Terms vary based on purpose.
  • Generally secured by the full faith, credit, and taxing authority of the public entity.
  • Fixed-rate and variable-rate loans.
  • Fixed-rate lease for equipment purchase.


Our Mission: To make your banking experience simply better.

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