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Online Banking

Treasury Services

Simplified cash management starts at FNCB Bank. Run your business more efficiently, more profitably, and with more management control. 


Remote Deposit Capture

  • Make same-day, secure deposits without leaving the office. LEARN MORE

Online Banking

  • An easy way to access all your accounts and manage your finances in a convenient and secure way, including Remote Deposit Capture, Positive Pay, ACH and Wires. LEARN MORE

ACH Origination

  • ACH Origination is a simple and low-cost way to move money quickly. You can pay vendors and employees, or collect recurring receivables such as membership fees, utility payments and more. Same day availability, secure and cost effective. Works great for re-occurring billing.

ACH and Check Positive Pay

  • ACH Positive Pay and Check Positive Pay are automated fraud detection tools that identify unauthorized transactions before final payment. This service compares each check or ACH presented for payment against your check/ACH issue file. You can view all images of checks or ACH before deciding which items to pay or return, monitor daily incoming clearings and return fraudulent items. LEARN MORE

Zero Balance Account (ZBA) and Sweep Services

  • The ZBA maintains a zero balance by automatically transferring funds from a master checking account to a subaccount in an amount large enough only to cover the checks written. At the end of the day, any excess funds are swept back, and the accounts are brought to zero.

Visa® Business Purchasing Card (PCard)

  • The Visa® Business Purchasing Card (PCard) offers additional functionality and reporting to effectively manage your business payables and earn a cash rebate. The online account management system allows visibility and control for administrators and provides cardholders the ability to reconcile their charges with the expense management system.

Insured Cash Sweep Account (ICS)

  • Simplify managing your organization’s large cash balances with Insured Cash Sweep® (ICS®). This convenient service gives you access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance, daily liquidity and competitive interest rates. You no longer have to open and manage accounts at several financial institutions in order to get the coverage you need.

Wire Services

  • Send and receive domestic and international wires. Eligibility requirements apply.

Safepoint by Loomis

  • Allows business to remove manual cash handling from their day-to-day business operations.

Lockbox Services

  • Using a state-of-the-art infrastructure, our lockbox service helps accelerate accounts receivable processing and information delivery for payments. LEARN MORE.

Payroll + HR Solutions

  • A Payroll + HR solution for businesses like yours. Rethink the way you manage employees with a smart, comprehensive solution that combines payroll with all the necessary HR functions. Learn More.

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Kimberly Cullen

Assistant Vice President

Treasury Sales Officer



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