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Online Banking

Business Debit Card

A business debit card has become an integral piece in the financial toolbox of most businesses. It offers a fast and convenient way to make purchases, track expenses and manage business finances. The FNCB Bank Business Debit Card offers business owners a number of benefits:


Speed and ease of use

Using a debit card for business purchases at the point of sale is much faster and easier than writing a check. Use the card for purchases made at restaurants, office supply stores, hotels, the Post Office — anywhere you might ordinarily write a check.

Widespread acceptance

Unlike checks, the FNCB Business Debit Card is accepted by establishments all over the world with no questions asked.

Improved record keeping

You’ll have a detailed record of all purchases made by you and your employees that includes the date, location and amount of each transaction. This will come in handy when reconciling your business finances and preparing your tax returns.

24/7 ATM access

This enables you to make deposits, transfer funds and withdraw cash any time of the day or night at thousands of convenient nationwide ATM locations.

Security and control

Your debit card is PIN-protected to help prevent unauthorized purchases and transactions. And you can place purchase limits on your employees’ cards to control their spending.

MasterCard Easy Savings®

The MasterCard Easy Savings® Program is a merchant funded automatic rebate program for MasterCard U.S. Small Business Cardholders. The program is designed to partner with national merchants (currently 55,000 locations) in key frequent usage categories. Go to and fully register to participate.

Our Mission: To make your banking experience simple better.

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