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Online Banking

Switch Kit

It's easier to switch banks than you think! Our easy to use switch kit will help make your transition to a new FNCB Bank account quick and easy.


Switch Checking Accounts in 5 Easy Steps

1. Open a new FNCB Bank Checking account in person or online.

  • FNCB Routing number: 031303132

2. Stop using your previous checking account.

  • Important: Before you close your former bank account(s) allow time for outstanding checks to clear and automatic payments and direct deposits to transition to your new account.
  • Determine how much money you will need to leave in your former account to cover these transactions.

3. Move your direct deposits to FNCB Bank.

  • Common direct deposits include: Payroll, Retirement/Pension, Social Security, Investment Income, Child Support

4. Transfer Automatic Payments and Withdrawals to FNCB Bank.

  • Automated payments can be debit card, ACH or Bill Pay.
  • Identify all of your automatic payments and withdrawals. Examples include: Mortgage/Rent, Car Loan/Lease, Phone, Credit Card(s), Utilities, Insurance, TV, Loans, Donations, monthly services.
  • Simplify bill payments and save money by setting up Bill Pay in Online Banking.

5. Close your previous checking account.

  • For added security remember to destroy unused checks and debit card.
  • Be sure all direct deposits have moved to your new account before closing.

Questions? Download the full switch kit and bring it to any FNCB Bank Community Office.

 DOWNLOAD switch kit


Our Mission: To make your banking experience simply better.

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