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Online Banking

Maximizing federal deposit insurance.

Access millions in FDIC insurance for deposits, both large and small, and enjoy the simplicity of banking with just one trusted, local institution.

FNCB Bank can provide federal deposit insurance on multimillion-dollar funds - large checking accounts, savings accounts and CDs - through the partnership we have with IntraFi Network.

FNCB Bank is part of IntraFi® Network Deposits which help consumers and businesses with large deposits keep their moneyIntrafi Logo insured, through ICS and CDARS services, by staying under the FDIC insurance limit of $250,000 per depositor per bank. It effectively allows deposits larger than $250,000 to effectively become FDIC-insured.

Protect and grow cash balances, gain peace of mind.

Financial institutions, like FNCB Bank, that offer IntraFi's services are members of IntraFi's network. When you submit funds for placement through your bank using ICS or CDARS, that deposit is divided into amounts FDIC Logounder the standard FDIC insurance maximum of $250,000 and placed in deposit accounts at other network banks. You can choose to have funds placed in demand deposit accounts (using the demand option), money market deposit accounts (using the savings option), or CDs. With your funds placed in amounts below $250,000, you can rest assured that both principal and interest are eligible for FDIC insurance, protection that’s backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.

Safety for your cash in any market environment.

Earn returns and keep your cash protected through economic ups and downs with access to millions in FDIC insurance. No one has ever lost a penny of FDIC-insured funds. In addition, with ICS and CDARS services, your funds aren't subject to floating net asset values that can lead to loss of principal and erase returns.

Save time.

Capitalize on the simplicity of working directly with one bank, and say goodbye to managing multiple bank relationships, tracking collateral, or having uninsured deposits to footnote in financial statements.

A tested, trusted solution.

Depositors of all types, including businesses, nonprofits, government entities, fiduciaries, individuals, and socially responsible investors collectively, place billions of dollars through IntraFi's services. And thousands of banks across the nation are part of IntraFi's network of banks and financial institutions.

Make communities stronger.

Feel good knowing your deposits can be used to fund lending in your local community! 


Multiple liquidity options put you in control. Enjoy access to funds placed through IntraFi services into demand deposit accounts and money market deposit accounts. With the CD product, you can select from a range of maturities between 4 weeks and 3 years.

Contact us.

If you are interested in learning more about IntraFi's services, contact your FNCB Bankervisit any FNCB Bank Community Office or call 1-877-879-3622.

OUR MISSION: To make your banking experience simply better.

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