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Online Banking

Lockbox Services

Digital Remittance Solution

RemitStream Lockbox

With RemitStream® Lockbox, you receive a strong and comprehensive solution to accelerate accounts receivable processing and information delivery for payments. RemitStream Lockbox effectively streamlines the collection, process, and deposit of high-dollar check payments from your business to the bank accounts you choose. In addition, you can customize payment processing to meet your corporate directives using our in-house staff of technology specialists.

How does RemitStream Lockbox Work?

  • Payments are mailed to remittance processing centers and picked up from the post office throughout the day.
  • Payments are retrieved, opened and sorted using high-speed equipment – 7 collections a day Monday thru Friday; 6 collections a day Saturday & Sunday.
  • Operators review your detailed processing instructions online, inspect your checks, an enter the dollar amounts on our system.
  • Check images are captured and digitized while necessary exceptions are corrected; while those checks and remittance documents that meet our standards will get front-end imaging.
  • Based upon your processing instructions, we print and re-associate check photocopies with their
    corresponding remittance documents.
  • An account batch listing of all the items is created and remittance documents are scanned if they were not imaged on the front-end; these images are then captured and stored.
  • In order to ensure that you benefit from maximum availability of funds, payments are quickly processed and deposited.

Document Imaging 

RemitStream Image Lockbox is a green solution for your lockbox payments. You will receive electronic images of all checks, envelopes, and other remittance documents processed at our lockbox facilities, instead of receiving the traditional paper remittance package. These remittance-document images are promptly made available to you on the same day as the remittances are processed. 

Image Archive

Images are retained in our standard image archive for 180 days. They can also be stored in our long-term image archive for up to seven years. These images are available to view within hours of processing, giving you a convenient, fast and reliable way to store and research payment information through the online portal.

Image Access and Reporting

RemitStream Receivables Online is a secure web-based application. It provides same-day access to check and document images, lockbox reporting and account activity. Quick deposit summaries will also be made available. Remittance documents and check images can be viewed and printed on the same day that they are processed.


  • Faster collections process.
  • Reduced mail float.
  • Accelerated cash flows.
  • Flexible, customized service.
  • Access to web-based images on the same day they are processed.
  • Access to an image archive for online storage and research.

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For more information on Lockbox Processing Services and other FNCB Bank Treasury Services solutions, call us at 1-877-879-3622 or contact us.

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