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Online Banking

Essential Factors To Consider When Switching Banks

Are you thinking of switching banks? There are some important factors you need to consider when changing banks and switching accounts.

Dad and Daughter with Piggy Bank

Reliability of the New Bank Is your new bank reliable?

The bank you trust with your money needs to be reliable and legitimate. Is the bank an accredited financial provider? Research the financial institution online and take a look at its reviews. If they don’t have reviews available, try asking around. Do they have security solutions to protect you from fraud? There’s no point in switching to a bank that won’t protect you or replace your cards in case of emergencies. Contact their customer service team to find out if their banking solutions work for you.

How Long It Will Take To Switch Accounts

How hard is it to switch banks? The last thing you need is a long wait time between switching banks or complicated processes. Closing your account shouldn’t be difficult. Typically, it doesn’t cost anything to close a checking, savings, or money market account. Opening an account at some banks, however, can take some time, so be sure to look at the procedures that the new bank has in place for you to switch your accounts. If it’s lengthy and complicated, consider looking for a new bank.

The Charges Associated With Your New Bank

Bank charges vary between personal and business banks. You may need additional services, which can also cost more. It’s best to speak to their customer service team or visit the bank and find out about their services and charges. If the pricing does not suit your lifestyle or budget, it may not be the best banking choice for you right now.

Services and Products

Many banks provide additional services and products for their clients, such as access to financial advisers, mortgage loans, home equity loans, personal loans, and fee-free ATMs. It’s best to find out these services in advance (including interest rates) or find a bank that provides great banking solutions and products (such as FNCB Bank!).

Proximity of Bank Locations

How do you switch banks if the new bank is not conveniently located near you? It is not impossible, but it will certainly be difficult. Even if you choose online banking solutions, you might need to withdraw cash or deposit money in a bank at some point. Sometimes you may also need to talk to a banker face-to-face about your business or sign the forms needed for loans. If a bank is not located close to you, it may not be your best choice. Take a look at their locations and make sure it is near you, so you don’t have to travel a long distance.

Why Choose FNCB Bank?

Here are some of the reasons that make FNCB Bank one of the best banks to switch to:

  • Easy switch process: How to switch your bank to FNCB Bank? It’s easy—all you have to do is speak to our team, and we’ll help you set up a new account. You can open a checking and savings account in less than 10 minutes! From there, you have to deposit money into your new account, switch your payments, and you’re ready to go!
  • A range of online banking solutions and locations across northeastern Pennsylvania for convenience.
  • Complete business banking solutions, including lending and deposit solutions.
  • Products and services tailored to your banking needs.
  • Reliable customer service teams and online support are available whenever you need assistance.
  • Lost or stolen card protection, FDIC deposit coverage, and fee-free ATM transactions at more than 55,000 locations worldwide on the AllPoint network.
  • Send and request money with Zelle. Contact our team if you're thinking of switching banks or wondering, "how do I switch banks?" today! 

Access FNCB's "Switch Kit" and experience a better bank. 


Our Mission: To make your banking experience simply better.

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