Mission Statement

Our mission.

Simply a better bank.

At FNCB, being a better bank isn't just our tagline, it's our mission.

When we sat down to redirect our mission statement in 2011, we made a list of what matters most: customers, community and stakeholders. Then we asked ourselves how we could position FNCB to best serve those interests. And the answer was surprisingly simple - be better!

Our values.

Our values add up! We identified five guiding principles to form our core values, and when added together they equal our most important asset - YOU!

Simplicity + Integrity + Mission + People + Leadership = YOU


Simplify processes, systems and thinking to provide employees and customers with a better bank experience.


The entirety of the organization maintaining the highest ethical standards and practices.


A simple and unending commitment to be a better bank at every level of the organization, every day.


A culture of dedicated, empowered employees who are engaged with community, customers and each other in the pursuit to be a better bank.


An organization that prospers under the guidance of strong, clear, direction and a solid dedication to the people who comprise it.

You. . .Our values SIMPLY equal YOU.

Our vision.

Through continuous improvement, we will provide ultimate customer satisfaction, an unending commitment to stakeholders while remaining dedicated to the communities we serve in our pursuit to be a better bank every day.

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