FNCB Bank Honors Long-Time Employees

Twenty-four honorees log 400 years; 832,000 hours

FNCB Bank, locally based for over 100 years, recently recognized 24 employees with 10 or more years of service during a luncheon at Glenmaura Country Club, Moosic.

“We celebrated 24 employees who together logged 400 years and more than 800,000 hours of service time at FNCB. When you step back and consider these numbers, it says a lot about their dedication to make FNCB Bank a thriving institution,” said Dawn Gronski, Senior Vice President, Human Resources Officer. “We are honored to recognize their accomplishment and their role in making FNCB simply a better bank.”

The following employees were honored at the event:

40 years of service: Mary Ann Gardner (Compliance)

30 years of service: Thomas Lunney (Facilities), James Bone Jr. (Finance) and Dawn Diehl (Retail Banking).

25 years of service: Gerard Champi (Executive) and Paul Dunda (Information Technology & Operations)

20 years of service: Holly Fortese (Information Technology & Operations), Leslie Conserette (Executive) and Pat Barrett (Commercial).

15 years of service: Lucy Singer (Retail Banking) and Michelle Mushinski (Retail Banking)

10 years of service: Jennifer Galli (Retail Banking), Jenny Severs (Retail Banking), Danielle Davies (Information Technology & Operations), Jamine Mbae (Retail Lending), Karen Wolfe (Retail Banking), Lois Syryla (Commercial), Frank Kost (Information Technology & Operations), Tiffany Bator (Compliance), Anthony Grande (Facilities), Ted Kowalick (Mortgage Origination), Mary Theresa Constantino (Retail Banking), Charles Alfano (Facilities) and Charlene Murphy (Facilities).

About FNCB Bank, Simply a better bank™

FNCB Bank, locally-based for over 100 years, continues as Northeastern Pennsylvania's premier community bank — offering a full suite of personal, small business and commercial banking solutions with industry-leading mobile, online and in-branch products and services. FNCB remains dedicated to the communities they serve with an on-going mission to be: Simply a better bank™. For more information, visit www.fncb.com.

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FNCB Bank (FNCB) and members of Senior Management recently recognized 24 employees with 10 or more years of service during a luncheon at Glenmaura Country Club, Moosic. The 24 combined for 400 years and 832,000 hours of service. (L-R): Dawn Gronski, Senior Vice President, Human Resources Officer; Ron Honick, Senior Vice President, Operations & Technology Services Officer; Dominick DeNaples, Chairman of the Board; Tom Lunney, 30 years; Mary Griffin Cummings, Senior Vice President, General Counsel; Cathy Conrad, Senior Vice President, Credit Administration Officer; Charlene Murphy, 10 years; Brian Mahlstedt, Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending Officer; Lisa Kinney, Senior Vice President, Retail Lending Officer; James Bone, Jr., 30 years; Lois Syryla, 10 years; Anthony Grande, 10 years; Stephanie Westington, Senior Vice President, Controller; Dawn Diehl, 30 years; Rick Drust, Senior Vice President, Retail Banking Officer; Danielle Davies, 10 years; Karen Wolfe, 10 years; Paul Dunda, 25 years; Mary Theresa Constantino, 10 years; Ted Kowalick, 10 years; Jerry Champi, 25 years; Pat Barrett, 20 years; Jamine Mbae, 10 years; Jenny Severs, 10 years; Mary Ann Gardner, 40 years; Frank Kost, 10 years; Leslie Conserette, 20 years; Tiffany Bator, 10 years; William McGuigan, Senior Vice President, Audit Officer; Jennifer Galli, 10 years; Lucy Singer, 15 years; Holly Fortese, 20 years; and Brooke Lipperini, Human Resources. Absent from photo:Charles Alfano, 10 years; and Michelle Mushinski, 15 years.

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