FNCB Bank Honors Long-Time Employees

Twenty honorees log 310 years; 644,800 hours

FNCB Bank, locally based for over 100 years, recently recognized 20 employees with 10 or more years of service during a luncheon at Glenmaura Country Club, Moosic.

“We celebrated 20 employees who together logged 310 years and more than 644,000 hours of service time at FNCB. When you take a step back and look at these numbers, it tells a lot about their dedication to make FNCB Bank a successful, thriving institution,” said Dawn Gronski, Senior Vice President, Human Resources Officer. “We are honored to recognize their accomplishment and their role in making FNCB simply a better bank.”

The following employees were honored at the event:

35 years of service: Ellen Pritchard (Retail Banking)
30 years of service: Diane Abbott (Retail Banking), Sharon Naughton (Retail Banking)
25 years of service: Richard Padula (Retail Lending)

15 years of service: Gerard (Jerry) Calogero (Information Technology & Operations), Geraldine (Geri) Curcio (Finance), Sharon LeBoutillier (Retail Banking), Sara Matusinski (Retail Banking), Eileen Sennett (Information Technology & Operations), Bernice Shipp (Retail Banking)

10 years of service: Sara Benedict (Retail Banking), Anthony Carra (Credit), Michael Cioffari (Information Technology & Operations), Nancy Foley (Information Technology & Operations), Martin (Marty) King (Facilities), Cheryl Marinelli (Information Technology & Operations), Anthony (Zar) Rinaldi (Facilities), Ashley Tomko (Retail Lending), Karen Weller (Retail Banking), Janice Zory (Compliance)

About FNCB Bank, Simply a better bank™

FNCB Bank, locally-based for over 100 years, continues as Northeastern Pennsylvania's premier community bank — offering a full suite of personal, small business and commercial banking solutions with industry-leading mobile, online and in-branch products and services. FNCB remains dedicated to the communities they serve with an on-going mission to be: Simply a better bank™. For more information, visit www.fncb.com.

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FNCB Bank (FNCB) and members of Senior Management recently recognized 20 employees with 10 or more years of service during a luncheon at Glenmaura Country Club, Moosic. The 20 combined for 310 years and 644,800 hours of service. (L-R): Anthony Carra, 10 years, Credit; Dawn Gronski, Senior Vice President, Human Resources Officer; Brian Mahlstedt, Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer; Mary Cummings, Executive Vice President, General Counsel; Richard Padula, 25 years, Retail Lending; Nancy Foley, 10 years, Information Technology & Operations; Sharon Naughton, 30 years, Retail Banking; Ellen Pritchard, 35 years, Retail Banking; Anthony (Zar) Rinaldi, 10 years, Facilities; Gerard (Jerry) Calogero, 15 Years, Information Technology & Operations; Michael Cioffari, 10 years, Information Technology & Operations; Sara Benedict, 10 years, Retail Banking; Sara Matusinski, 15 years, Retail Banking; Ashley Tomko, 10 years, Retail Lending; Bernice Shipp, 15 years, Retail Banking; Cheryl Marinelli, 10 years, Information Technology & Operations; Martin (Marty) King, 10 years, Facilities; Eileen Sennett, 15 years, Information Technology & Operations; Cathy Conrad, Senior Vice President, Credit Administration Officer; Stephanie Westington, Senior Vice President, Controller; Karen Weller, 10 years, Retail Banking; Janice Zory, 10 years, Compliance; Ronald Honick, Senior Vice President, Operations & Technology Services Officer; MaryAnn Gardner, Senior Vice President, Compliance Officer; Richard Drust, Senior Vice President, Retail Banking Officer; Lisa Kinney, Senior Vice President, Retail Lending Officer; William McGuigan, Senior Vice President, Audit Officer; Diane Abbott, 30 years, Retail Banking; Sharon LeBoutillier,15 years, Retail Banking; Geraldine (Geri) Curcio, 15 years, Finance; James Bone, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer; Debra Burnett, Human Resources Generalist; Dominick DeNaples, Chairman of the Board; Jerry Champi, President & CEO

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